Monday, 20 June 2011

Wild about wildflowers (less so about leaf miners)

Thanks to the wettest drought on record, I've come home after a week on holiday to find my trough of wildflowers in bloom. The first of the blue cornflowers - my favourite - is out. Just lovely.

The loganberries, which I never thought would grow on my shady balcony, are reddening up nicely, too.

Not that everything in the balcony garden is rosy. In the space of a week, the chard's been decimated by leaf miners. Anyone got any quicky tips on how to deal with the little buggers?

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  1. Hi Paul

    Leaf miner can be a real pain - take off any leaves that are affected and bin them (don't compost them cos the eggs might survive). Then keep an eagle eye out for little white bar-shaped eggs on the underside of the leaves – often in twos or threes. Rub these off with your fingers and hopefully you'll get them before they have a chance to hatch and burrow into the leaf.

    good luck!

    Alex x